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Are your recommendations truly in my best interest?

Imagine going to your doctor with a concern about your heart, and before running any tests, the doctor tried to sell you a pacemaker. The doctor then explained that you needed to act today before prices went up. Later you learned that the doctor was paid extra to promote this particular brand of pacemaker. While absurd for the medical profession, this scenario closely resembles much of the investment world.

As a firm, we take very seriously our Fiduciary duty to always act in the client’s best interest (vs. just trying to sell you a product). In addition to a legal obligation, our firm has been built on a foundation of placing the client’s interest before any thoughts of our own compensation. We recommend for clients the same investment strategies used in our personal accounts and the accounts of our immediate family members. Our commitment to honesty and ethical behavior has allowed us to build a very successful firm.

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