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September Book of the Month

September Book of the Month

September 28, 2022

I bought this book because while I do enjoy cooking, I'm pretty terrible at cooking unless I'm following an exact recipe. My husband and I love coming up with dinners that we can make from scratch, using all our own sauces, breads, and seasonings (okay, mostly him, but I am a very good sous chef). But, this book was perfect for both of us. Not only are the recipes straight forward and easy to follow, but Texas-based chef, and good friend of Apeiron, Joshua Weissman, is hilarious and down to earth.

I liked it so much I even bought it for Scott as a birthday present. Now, we both pretend to be chefs while we're taunting each other about who gets more rise out of their sourdough. 

You might be able to get any ol' recipe off the internet, but Josh's book is well worth the kitchen shelf space if you enjoy cooking!

- Suzie