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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an essential component to your overall financial plan. It allows you to gain more control over aspects of your life both during your lifetime and after your death.

Estate Coordination Meeting

Estate Coordination Meeting

In our Estate Coordination Meeting, we'll start by reviewing your goals and what legacy you would like to leave, being sure to note any unique requests, like passing tangible items to one person in particular, or age-based restrictions for when your heirs will receive benefits. We'll also help you put together a complete list of your assets, tangible and intangible, and finish our meeting with a rough draft of your proposed estate for you to review and consider.

Estate Implementation Meeting

Estate Implementation Meeting

After we've had attorney's reviewed your inputs and answered any questions you have, we'll come back together either virtually or in-person to finalize your estate documents. Along with notarizing your documents, we'll attach your Tangible Property List (if applicable) and your List of Assets that we'll provide from the information gathering. Then, you're all set up! The rest of the work is on us, to retitle any accounts that we manage and we'll save all your documents in our secure vault for you to share with your family.

What to bring to our meeting:

Estate Review Meeting

Estate Review Meeting

It's important to consistently review your estate documents for any changes in your life and added accounts. We'll have your current estate plan available and if we need to make any changes, we'll have an attorney make the updates to your documents!

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